Hunter's Tall Tales

I am so excited about the up coming deer season. I absolutely love to sit around and share hunting stories with anyone who will talk or listen. I have heard stories of turkeys with four beards and weighing over 30 pounds, or the deer that licked a hunters boot as he slept at the base of a tree. Hence, HUNTER'S TALL TALES. I'm excited to share my adventures in the woods, as well as, get to hear some of your stories too.

With it being the off season, no tree stands to sit in, no deer to track, no turkeys to call in, I've had to find something to take my mind off of the fact that hunting season is a ways out. Woodworking now occupies some of this free time. I will be posting some my projects in the near future and of course game camera pics. Can't leave out the game camera pics.

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