Last minute touch ups

I have been trying to get my bow set up and ready for the season to start.  I have caused my self some delay with going through 3 rest before i found one i like and 2 sights.  I have also added a string stop to my bow and i noticed after we shot last weekend that my serving had come loose near the string stop.  So i have been trying my best to get to the bow shop and have them cinch it up for me. 

Yesterday was the first day i had to try to head up to the bow shop.  I got off of work and flew out hoping to get to town and back before super time.  It didn't quite work out as i had thought.  I got a call from my wife telling telling my mother in-law (who was keeping my son) was in town and she could just meet up with me and save a trip to go pick him up.  Yeah sounded like a good deal to me, save me some time and gas money.  I thought i would get my bow fixed and then meet up with her and head on home.  NOT.  I got a call back not a minute later stating she was about 2 miles from me and to pull off the next exit so we could meet.  Wow.  That happened a lot quicker than i thought it was going to, ha ha. 

So then it was me and my 8 month old hunting buddy going to the bow shop together.  We arrived and luckily they were able to get straight on my bow.  It did take them a while to work on it.  In the mean time me and my little man walked around and took in all the equipment for sale and the part he loved the most, the animals hanging on the wall.  He has just learned to wave,(at everyone and every thing) and i noticed him waving a lot.  There was not a lot of people in the shop so i started looking around and found he was waving at those animals on the wall.  So i took him back over where he fell in love with an elk that was hanging on the wall.  He was nothing but grins.  He waved and ran his little fingers over the coarse hair of the elk.  Made me feel good to see him taking an interest at such a young age.  What turned out to be a quick trip to town turned into almost an hour more than planned.  But hanging out with my little boy in the bow shop more than made up for it.  The hunting, and getting ready for hunting, memories have already started.

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